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UL ListedISO 9001 This company is certified ISO-14001

A Long History of Sensor Solutions

Baumer Electric was founded in 1952 and started in a shoe factory, where Herbert Baumer would begin production of micro-switches for monitoring and controlling electrically automated production flows. That product range would expand into program controls in 1960, and give birth to its foundational product, the instrument and control switch, in 1966. Intercontinental expansions began in 1979, taking Baumer throughout Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada, China, and India. Additional complementary acquisitions created their diverse product portfolio you’ll find today.

Sensors for All Industries

Today, Baumer is a leader in sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. The company boasts experience in many industries including aerospace, chemical, food and beverage, medical, mobile automation, oil and gas, process, pharmaceuticals, printing and packaging, renewable energy, semiconductor, transportation, and water and wastewater. Their passion for sensors shows with a strong commitment to research and development. Therefore, you can count on Baumer to produce quality and innovative products to meet your toughest application challenges.

Sensors for Any Application

With their long history and diversified experience, Baumer boasts a robust product portfolio complementing many applications. Their product catalog includes object detection, distance measurement, 2D/3D sensors, image processing and identification, rotary encoders, angle sensors, process sensors, inclination and acceleration sensors, force/strain sensors, format adjustment, counters and displays, and all the accessories for your sensor and application.

Baumer is well known for:

  • Sensors, proximity switches and light barriers for object and position detection.
  • Measuring and monitoring of rotary speed and rotary shaft positions at machines, installations, and electrical drives.
  • Automation of process technology with transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment for the parameters of pressure, temperature, fill level, flow, and conductivity of gaseous, liquid, paste-like and granular media.

Our partnership with Baumer started in 2005, and we share their passion. You can rely on our expertise and relationships to help you solve your sensing challenges. We’ll help connect you with local resources and expertise, provide local stock and engineering support.