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ISO 9001  

Developed In-House

In 1966, Dorner was founded as a tool and die company. Internally developing a conveyor for their production led them to the original low-profile 4100 series conveyor in 1973. Offering the product to customers, sales for the conveyor soon surpassed their tool-and-die products. Since the 1970’s, Dorner has developed a diverse array of conveyor products.

Diverse Industry Experience

As with many of our partners, Dorner maintains broad industry experience and commitment to quality. Today, their products are used in over 1,200 industry segments, including automation, food & beverage, material handling, medical, packaging, and pharmaceutical. An emphasis on durability leads many conveyors to be in operation for more than 20 years.

Conveyors for Any Application

The inevitable result of working in so many industries is the broadest portfolio in conveyor product offering in the in industry. Dorner produces conveyors for virtually any application. Conveyor types include belted, precision move, gravity roller, wash-down, spiral chute, and pallet systems. Products such as AquaGard and AquaPruf are unparalleled in wash-down and sanitary environments, maintaining strict clean room and food safety standards. Modular belt and pallet systems allow for various configurations such as curves, jogs, inclines/declines, twists, tight spaces, and complex arrangements. Industry-leading belt technology manufactured with in-house splicing, cleat welding, and v-guiding techniques complement any conveyor system.

Heitek Automation is your best source for Dorner Conveyors, offering you the field support and analysis you need to develop your new or improve your existing conveyor applications. Coupled with robust customer service, such as Dorner’s CAE (Customer Application Engineering), we maintain short lead times—able to design, build and ship conveyors of any length and width in just a few days.