IDEC Controls
IDEC Controls



Competitive Electrical Controls & Safety Devices

What began in 1945 with switches, has evolved into a globally competitive line of electrical controls and devices. Today, the company manufactures control automation products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the industrial controls marketplace. In a dynamic technological environment, automation and electronic products must change rapidly to provide versatility while supporting increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems. Thus, the company creates products to meet the needs of our customers. With quality products at a competitive price directing processes and systems, their components are used in a variety of applications including factory and equipment controls, many of which you may interact with daily. From switches, sensors, and relays, to PLCs and safety, they have a wide variety of cost-competitive solutions for your equipment.

As partners with IDEC, Heitek has developed a variety of value-added solutions for our customers. From panel components to safety-devices, Heitek has the expertise you need for a successful solution. We can deliver technical and manufacturing resources. Plus, we stock local components for easy procurement.

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