Brief history

Founded by Herman Pilz in 1948, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in safe automation technology. Based out of Ostfildern, Germany, the company’s beginnings started in Esslingen as a glass-blowing business.  Producing a glass apparatus for medical technology and mercury relays for industrial applications.

Hermann’s son Peter took control in the 1960s and focused on developing the company into a manufacturer of electronic control and monitoring devices for programmable logic controllers.  By 1987 Pilz had launched safety relay PNOZ, an emergency stop system. This direction would launch them into the 21st century as a total solutions supplier of automation technology, with their core competence being safety.

Areas of Specialty

Pilz has grown to be an international leader in safety automation technology.  From sensor technology to the control systems and actuators. They have expanded their product range to include corresponding software tools, diagnostic and visualization software.

Companies around the world trust this quality manufacturer to provide reliable, safe solutions that drive real benefits to their bottom line. Solutions catered to a plethora of industries including but not limited to: manufacturing, transportation & logistics, food & beverage, and healthcare. Whatever sector you operate in, their products can help you make automation safe and seamless.

Today, Pilz remains a family business and has a staff of 2,400 experts distributed globally in over 40 branches and subsidiaries worldwide.

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