Networking & Connectivity

Networking & Connectivity


In today’s world of manufacturing and machines, communication is essential to maintain productivity, flexibility, and profitability. From connecting simple sensors to plantwide data for manufacturing execution systems (MES), transmitting data for quality and production is possible at all endpoints. Whether your system requires centralized I/O, distributed I/O or remote I/O, we have products, expertise, and resources to support your networking and communications requirements.

Benefits of Networking & Communications

  • Decrease wiring terminations
  • Improved data transmission and analytics
  • Synchronize systems
  • Communication redundancy
  • Increase communications speed
  • Simplify maintenance and troubleshooting

Products for all your Industrial Communications

We can solve your communications challenges by helping you choose the Fieldbus solution right for you, including:

  • Centralized, Distributed & Remote I/O
  • Conventional, Expandable, Block & Modular I/O
  • Routers, Network Switches, Gateways, Wireless
  • PROFINET, EthernetIP, IO-Link
  • Cables, cordsets