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UL Listed ISO 9001 

History Embedded in Communications

Founded in 1986, Hilscher mbH company has more than 260 employees at 10 locations worldwide. With the philosophy of continuous growth based on its own resources, the company is a reliable partner for its customers. All processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

The company’s core competence is ASIC technology for Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet, as well as the development and production of industrial communication solutions for modern factory automation. The company’s products range from PC cards, gateways, OEM plug-in modules to powerful ASICs including all main Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocol stacks. These are used worldwide for communication between automation devices and control systems. When it comes to PC cards, this innovative manufacturer is the market leader in its field. Their unique selling point is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet, based on the same hardware.

Communications for Any Application

For the conceptual design of an embedded system, the selection of a suitable network controller and performance class is as important as the right choice for a pre-certified software protocol stack. Thanks to a scalable and innovative platform concept, the netX family offers the right solution for every application including industrial internet, motion, industrial PC, remote I/O, controls, connectivity, and functional safety.

Hilscher offers netX technology for device manufacturers, including development services and customized module manufacturing. In this field, they are recognized as a system partner of major manufacturers. The company’s customer base also includes a variety of engineering firms, solution providers and system integrators. Also, the company is represented in all Fieldbus and real-time ethernet organizations.