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Custom solutions engineered for you.


Every customer is different and we develop solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Often, our solutions are a product of our manufacturers’ resources, Heitek’s engineering, and solutions assembly teams and contain quality products from our extensive selection of premier suppliers. We even machine, fab and assemble custom solutions for the most challenging applications. In fact, our solutions have launched complete lines of products to be used across many industries.


Let us design, build and test assemblies or sub-assemblies to save you time, resources and money. Our technicians stand ready to build time-saving and field-ready solutions for you:

  • Cables & harnesses
  • Manifold assemblies
  • Component assemblies
  • Framing kits & assemblies
  • Panels & consoles


In addition to our assembly, we can provide lite custom machining and quick-turn prototyping. Through our in-house capabilities or our strategic partners, we’ll provide you with custom machined solutions including brackets, mounts, machined parts, and more:

  • Non-standard products
  • Machined components
  • Engineered assemblies
  • Custom solutions


Our fully dedicated team will completely design and fabricate your framing and guarding. With a large array of 80/20 aluminum profiles, extensive software tools and in-house tooling, we can build virtually anything you require, including:

  • Machine Frames
  • Safety & Guarding
  • Custom Carts & Work-Stations
  • Specialty Framing Assemblies


We’ll size precision linear rails to your specifications. Available in a variety of sizes, our technicians will cut, assemble and package rails for your machine.

  • Light-Duty rails
  • Heavy-Duty rails
  • High Precision rails
  • Block & Rail kits


With a powerful network of partners, Heitek can assist you in designing and building a custom control panel fitted with any components from our premier manufacturers. Our portfolio includes extensive design and field testing of panels that meet the needs of a variety of industries.

Types of panels include:

  • UL508A Compliant PanelsUL-508-240x240
  • PLC and Interface Panels
  • VFD Pump and Motor Panels
  • Remote I/O Panels
  • System and Machine Panels
  • Control Consoles
  • Pneumatic Control Panels

Plus, with UL508A certifications of Heitek and our partners means your panel will meet or exceed UL508A panel certification. Everyone of our panels that display the UL label is your assurance that your panel will meet the most stringent safety codes.