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Let us design, build and test assemblies and sub-assemblies to save you time, resources and money. Our engineering team uses 3D modeling software to design and model your solutions. You’ll know every detail of your solution before it’s built. Plus, our team of highly skilled technicians will build it, including custom guarding, custom manifold assemblies, and panel sub-assemblies.


Heitek’s team of Application Engineers and ecosystem of partners provide custom engineering services to develop the right solution for your application. Leverage our experience as you navigate new manufacturing challenges. Investments 3D Modeling Software empower our design capabilities to model and document your solution to the finest details.

You’ll have the assurance of knowing every detail of your solution before it’s built. Our powerful network of partners ensures you’ll have a wealth of resources at your disposal. Plus, our value-added Solutions Assembly team has the skills to build and test your system. Finally, we’ll ship it out field ready.


Specializing in lite component and sub-assembly engineering.


Let our experienced engineers assist in the design of your solution. Adept in SolidWorks©, we will model your mechanical design, giving you key insights into how it works before it’s built. Our factory trained engineers will help you select the best products and design a solution that best fits your application.


We specialize in electrical design to engineer and develop your most powerful solution. With SolidWorks Electrical©, our team will collaborate with yours to create a schematic to your specific requirements. We’ll even build and test your system, certified to UL Standards.

Software Programming

Don’t let your application get lost in translation – have our engineers write the software for your system. We’ll save you time and money by programming your controls and customizing your interface with components and solutions from any of our premier manufacturers.


Some challenges are more challenging than others. When the going gets tough, we turn to our valuable local partners to help you get your application running. Leveraging our network of partners means you’ll get a trusted solution provider with the experience and expertise you need.

Partner network includes:

  • Local Integrators
  • Certified Solution Partners
  • Machining and Fabricators
  • Manufacturer Engineering Resources